Tips on How To Make Your Craigslist Ad Work

Are you one of the million users of Craigslist? Craigslist is now considered the number one free online advertising website that allows people to post their ads for free to about 450 cities in 50 countries. It is quite a challenge to post your ads in Craigslist and be noticed. This is because the website enjoys a huge number of following, thus it has a good page rank in more search engines. Here are some suggestions on how you can write killer Craigslist ads that will translate to higher conversions and better online revenues:

1. Choose the city and the category that you want to post your ad to. Targeting your market is important as this means reaching out to the most number of people who may be interested to view your ad.

2. Using an attractive headline, expose a problem and create a solution to it. Your ad title should be short but appealing. Examples of good ad titles are: “The Secrets of….”. “5 Easy Steps to…” “Finding Help for…” The ad title should sound more like a newspaper headline that will hold the audience wanting for more information. Make it one that is related to what your ad is all about.

3. Make your ad body short but crisp. Do a short sales pitch, but with just enough information to get your reader interested. Stay focused on your subject! If you are talking about online marketing, for instance, you need to emphasize how the site or the product you are promoting can help your reader use online marketing.

Try the above tips and see how your conversions will improve.

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